Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Johan Skytte Prize

  Professor David Collier was awarded the 2014 Johan Skytte Prize



David Collier is the 2014 recipient of the Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science. He receives the prize for “his contribution to the conceptual development and the re-thinking of qualitative methods in Political Science”. The Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science is awarded by the Johan Skytte foundation. David Collier's thorough empirical research on Latin-American political pathways, his theoretical development of theories on critical junctures and legacies, in combination with his energetic re-thinking of the position of qualitative methods in the discipline, makes him a political scientist of great importance to contemporary political science.

 The prize-winner's lecture, entitled: "Harvesting the Surface and Drilling Down: New Perspectives on Multi-Method Research" was held on Saturday, September 27, 2014. The lecture took place in the Main University building, Hall X and was open to the wide public, free of charge. The lecture wass followed by a dinner for more than 150 invited guests. At the dinner, Prof. Collier was formally awarded the prize and received a medal. Official pictures from the ceremony will be available shortly, on request. A selection of these will also be available on this website. Contact in case of interest. 

The Johan Skytte Prize was now awarded for the 20th year by the Johan Skytte Foundation at Uppsala University. 

Click here to read an article (in Swedish) published in Svenska Dagbladet on David Collier.

Click here for Uppsala University's official press release (in English)

Note that the Johan Skytte Foundation has now begun to accept nominations for the 2015 Johan Skytte Prize. Click here for the next round of nominations. 



  The Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science

The Skytte Foundation at Uppsala University has established an annual prize, The Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science, to the scholar who in the view of the Foundation has made the most valuable contribution to Political Science. Research in all areas of the discipline is considered: political theory, comparative politics, public administration and international relations. The prize consists of a medal and an award of approximately 50.000 EUR.

After international nominations each year (deadline for this year is December 19, 2014) the candidates are evaluated by the Prize Committee. The decision is then made in early April by the Board of the Foundation (Nils-Axel Mörner, patron and chairman, Li Bennich-Björkman, vice chair, Jonas Mörner, secretary, Anders Barth, treasurer, Jacob Lagercrantz and Anders Hallberg).

Johan Skytte 

Johan Skytte (1577-1645) was a leading politician in 17th century Swedish political life: a scholar, skilled in Latin and a master of eloquence, the prince's teacher, member of the government, governor, diplomat and a great land owner. 

The Chair, established to provide for the education of higher civil servants, was his gift as University Chancellor to Uppsala University. The Johan Skytte chair in Eloquence and Government was founded in 1622 and is today one of the oldest professorships in the world. The farms that were part of the initial donation still help to finance research, including the Prize.

Skytteanum & Department of Government 

The Johan Skytte house in Uppsala, the originally medieval building called the Skytteanum, is still used by the Department of Government and the Johan Skytte Professor has his/her residence in the building. Li Bennich-Björkman is the 21st Professor Skytteanus and the first woman to ever hold the chair.

Click here to read more about Prof. Li Bennich-Björkman (website under construction). 

The Department of Government offers BA-, MA-, and PhD degrees in Political Science and Development Studies. It has about 1000 undergraduate students, 40 PhD-candidates, 15 professors and an additional staff of 25 persons. Four to five PhD theses are presented every year. The Department is mainly research-oriented: two thirds of the budget covers research, one third education.

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Portrait of Johan Skytte by Jacob Henrik Elbfas (1600-1664), oil on canvas, 200 x 120 cm.
Photo: Uppsala University Art Collection


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